Would you like to visit London orC حل تمرينات انجليزية رابعة متوسط

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Would you like to visit London orC حل تمرينات انجليزية رابعة متوسط


مراجعة في مادة الانجليزية للسنة الرابعة متوسط

(التحضير لشهادة التعليم المتوسط BEM في مادة الانجليزية)

Review the material in English for the fourth year average (preparation for intermediate education certificate BEM material in English)

درس regular & irregular verbs

Would you like to visit London or
Comparatives: regular/ irregular

سلسلة شرح دروس الانجليزية | 4 متوسط | تمارينات تطبيقات انجليزية

Series explaining the lessons English | 4am | English exercises applications

نص هل تحب السفر إلى لندن او كابيرا
نص سنة رابعة متوسط انجليزية

Would you like to visit London or Canberra

here are many differences between London and Canberra although both of
them are capital cities. London is the capital of Britain whereas Canberra is the
capital of Australia.

Canberra is located in the south east of the
State of New South Wales on the Molonglo River,
round an artificial lake. London is located in the
south east of England, on both sides of the Thames
River. Canberra is smaller than London; it is also
less populated (300,000 inhabitants) than London
(10 million inhabitants).

"> London was founded 43 AD by the Romans; it
is much older than Canberra whose construction
started in 1913.
Both cities are commercial and political centres, but Canberra is less
important than London which is one of the greatest cities in the world and a big
financial place with a great number of banks, the Stock
Exchange and insurance companies, such as Lloyd’s.
London, alike Canberra are also cultural
centres with art galleries and museums. The
Australian National Gallery in Canberra is
however, not as large as the National Gallery in

"> London or London Museum, but St John the Baptist Church in Canberra is as
impressive as St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
In both cities there are big universities, imposing libraries and monuments set up
to celebrate heroes, such as Captain Cook Memorial in Canberra and Trafalgar
Square with the statue of Admiral Nelson in London.

حل وشرح تمرين رقم 01 انجليزية activity 1

Activity 2 تمرين رقم 02 انجليزية

حل تمرين الانجليزية رقم 02 صحيح او خطا ص .. سنة رابعة متوسطة
Are these statements true (T), false (F) or not
mentioned (NM)?
Correct the wrong statements.
اكتب صحيح او خطأ او خارج الموضوع مع تصحيح الخطأ
1. Both cities are located on rivers (True)
المدينتان لندن و كانبيرا تقعان على الانهار ----- صحيح
2. The Thames River is longer than the Molonglo River. (NM)
نهر ثامز أكبر من نهر مولونقلو -- خارج الموضوع
3. Canberra is a very old city. (False)
كانبيرا هي مدينة قديمة جدا ---- خطأ
London is much older than Canberra
4. Lloyd’s is the name of the Stock Exchange in London.(True)
ليودز هو اسم مركز تبادل العملات في لندن - صحيح
5. The National Gallery in London is larger than the Australian NationalGallery.(True)
المكتبة الوطنية في لندن اكبر من المكتبة الوطنية الاسترالية - صحيح -
6. Captain Cook and Nelson are English.Activity (NM)
الكابتن كوك ونيلسون نشطاء انجليز - خارج الموضوع.

أجب عن الأسئلة
1. Which state is Canberra situated in?
ما موقع مدينة كانبيرا
2. When was London built?
متى تم إنشاء مدينة لندن (في اي قرن)
3. Is London an important financial centre? Justify.
هل لندن لها اهمية تجارية ؟ علل اجابتك

حل تمرين اربط بسهم بين المرادفات رابعة متوسط انجليزية
Match the words in A with their synonyms in B.
أربط بسهم بين الكلمة وما يرادفها

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